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Our company's success and vast improvement in the last 3 years is due to the purchase of GT 27 turning centers and other Upgrade/CMS machines and accessories. Coming from a strong history operating SWISS AUTOMATICS and BROWN & SHARPES we have evolved into the new market demands for quick on time deliveries, with out compromising QUALITY. At present 8 CMS machines have taken the place of 18 Swiss & 8 Brown & Shapes. The work force was cut almost in half, but still maintaining the same gross income per year. Most of our secondary operations are done right on the machine. Economically speaking we paid far less than a Japanese machine without sacrificing quality. I know first hand how difficult the machining industry can be, with the change over to these machines, daily operations have actually become enjoyable, profitable and with a feeling of accomplishment. Its something every business owner can afford to do... but can't afford not to.

Joe Davis, Pres. & CEO Eastern Machining Corporation


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